My trip in Bangkok

Many people like to travel but do not like spending too much. Continue reading if you want to find out more on travelling with a budget.

The reason that I have chosen Bangkok as a travel destination because it is a paradise for food and shopping!

During last semester break, I went to Bangkok with my friends by Airasia. Airasia has zero fare seat sale every year, so I bought my flight tickets during that promotion. It is RM386.90 only! (include 20kg baggage, meal and travel insurance)

The main transportation that we used in Bangkok was BTS Sky Train. It really helped us saved a lot of money and can be reached at many tourist destinations.









I had bought the BTS smart pass because the fare will be cheaper compared to buy a single-journey ticket every time. It also can last for 5 years from the date of issue. The deposit for BTS smart pass is THB100 and I also top up THB100 into the card.

the sample of BTS card







The hotel that we booked was Cubic Pratunam. It is only RM373.74 for 3 nights for a superior room that can fit 2 peoples and it also includes breakfast for every morning. Moreover, they provide shuttle tuk tuk service for their customer and fetch them to 3 main points which are Pratunam morning markets, Platinum shopping mall and main road. The hotel is near to BTS station- BTS Sky Train Phrayathai Station by walking around 10 minutes. You can search this hotel through Agoda, Booking and so on. For more information, you may explore in their official websites and the link is below:

*Review: Overall, the hotel is cheap and in a good location but it wasn’t soundproof.

Rating: 7/10

Day 1: Arrive Bangkok -> Asiatique The River Front

We arrive in Bangkok around 13:00 because the flight is delayed. We took Grab to the hotel and it costs THB154.

Asiatique The River Front

After we checked in, we set out to Asiatique The River Front.  We took BTS Sky Train to Saphan Taksin Station and exit to exit no.2 to take free shuttle boat service to Asiatique The River Front.

There is a lot of boutiques that sell clothes, accessories and restaurants. It is one of the famous tourist destinations as it is nearby the river.

Thai food for our dinner!

Thai edition of Coca-Cola







Price is more expensive but tastes good THB521

Dinner is not enough fulfilled our tummy so let’s have some desserts! The shop that we choose for desserts is Mango Tango.

Must try especially for mango lover! THB285

*Review: However, the things sold in Asiatique are slightly more expensive but it has a nice scenery and gigantic Ferris wheel.

Day 2: Platinum shopping mall, Siam Square, Erawan Schrine, Central World, Big C and Pier 21

a simple breakfast provided by the hotel

Platinum Shopping Mall

As a shopaholic, I had been waiting so long for shopping time. Therefore, I went to Platinum shopping mall which is few km away from my hotel after finish my breakfast. There are available of 2846 shops in Platinum mall but I only ended up bought a cap for myself only. :/ For more information can view from the link below:

Siam Square

After that, we took BTS to Siam Station to continue shopping. The shops in Siam Square are more branded so the price for goods more expensive for sure.

Next, we took BTS again to Chit Lom station. Chit Lom station is like KL Central in Malaysia because it can reach many destinations such as Erawan Schrine, Central World, Big C and so on.

Erawan Schrine 四面佛

The first station we went after reached Chit Lom station is Erawan Schrine “四面佛” and it is located at the exit 2 from Chit Lom station. Erawan Shrine is an attractive place that visitors and tourist must visit in Bangkok. You can click the link below to find out more about Erawan Shrine.

*Reminder: Tourist can buy joss sticks and flower with a reasonable price inside the area of Erawan Schrine. I bought the joss sticks to pray which costs only THB50. Not really recommend buying from the stall located outside because they are selling to tourist with a really high price.

Central World

Central World is only nearby the Erawan Shrine, you can reach there by walking around 5 minutes. We went to After You desserts shop to stop our hunger.

Super nice toast, kakigori and my favourite drinks in Thailand- Mayongchid ! THB635

Big C Supermarket 

Big C is also one of the Bangkok attraction for tourist because there are selling a lot of goods at a cheaper price. If you want to buy some foods or snacks as souvenirs for your friends and family, Big C is the place you must go. You can buy various brands of snacks such as Pocky, Lays, Koh Kae Peanut Snack, Betagen, Pitted Longan and Thailand’s version of Tokyo banana. Besides, Big C is just opposite of Central World.

Meanwhile, when we want to get back to the hotel. We could not get a grab because that time is the peak hour in Bangkok and there is super duper jam during their peak hour. Therefore we ended up went back through “tuk tuk”. The price for tuk tuk is more higher compare to grab car. You can haggle with the driver first. Having a tuk tuk ride will give you a frightened and unforgettable experience. :p

Terminal 21

We went to Terminal 21 to hunt for our dinner because there was a different theme in the shopping mall according their levels.

Here we are.

Another speciality in this shopping mall is there got an escalator that can reach directly to 3rd floor from Ground floor.

We had our dinner at the food court called Pier 21. I really recommend this place because there are a variety of choices and their prices are more affordable.

You have to proceed to their counter and get a card. Then, you can top up and purchase your foods after this. The card is no deposit required. You may also take back your balance when you returning the card to the counter.

Sample of the card that used in Pier 21

Dinner for day 2. Guess how much I spent on this? Is only THB200!

*Review: There are many things to buy in the Platinum market and Big C so be sure to keep track of your spending. HAHA

Day 3: 1 Day Trip to Huahin

On day 3, my family and I rented a car for our 1 day trip to Huahin. The journey from Bangkok to Huahin is around 3 hours. The car journey was pleasant and it even had wifi. The driver was friendly too. Here is the contact detail for rented car service:

FB name: Travelmate Bangkok Tour Transportation Service 曼谷旅游包车

The total amount of rented car service is THB4500 for 7 peoples. The services will be 12 hours and you may pick 4 or 5 favourite destinations. TAKE NOTE: All the tickets and meal at your own expense.

Journey start

Khao Wang

Khao Wang is a temple which builds in cliff caves. You have to walk around 5-10 minutes to reach the caves. There got nothing special for me but have an amazing scenery and you may also pray there because there got few statues inside.


Santorini Park

Santorini Park is also one of the famous attractions in Hua Hin. It designed with a whitewashed building and also known as a small theme park that brings Greece in the heart of Hua Hin. For girls may spend a lot of time in this place because there got many pretty nice scenes and many shops. Moreover, Santorini park got other recreation facilities and water park that suitable for kids and adults.

Ticket: THB165

Operating hours:

Weekdays 10:00am – 07:00pm

Weekends 09:00am – 07:00pm

Latest entrance: 05:00pm

Address:Petchakasem Road, Amphoe Cha-Am, Phetchaburi, Thailand 76120

Swiss Sheep Farm

Swiss Sheep Farm is a great place that suitable for all generation especially for famlies. There got a special, creative and romantic scenery. Visitors get to feed the sheep and rabbits but have to pay extra.

Ticket: THB120

Opening  Time

Mon – Fri : 09.00 – 19.00

Sat – Sun : 09.00 – 19.00

Address: Petchburi Thiland 76120

Tel. 032-772495

Email :

The Venezia

The Venezia is an attraction that reflects French style theme and building. It separates into different areas such as 3D museum, mini zoo, mini carousel and villages. There are plenty of shops and entertainment available for tourist. There are 2 options for tourist to choose their packages. The packages included some entertainment tickets. However, we just want to visit and took some photos only so we just pay for the entrance fees which is THB180.

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 10:00 – 23:30

Address: 1899 Petch Kasem Rd. (Sai Tai), Cha Am, Petchburi 76120

Tel: +66 (0) 3244 2823-5, +66 (0) 2930 5191-5 Ext 113, 114, 117

The Rome Restaurant

The last station for our itinerary was the place we had our dinner- The Rome Restaurant. I super recommend this place because you can enjoy the delicious food with relaxing and enjoy the romance of the restaurant. Although the environment is elegant, the price of the foods is still affordable. The supervisors and some of the staffs could speak Mandarin so they used Mandarin to introduce and recommend their signature foods to us.

Address: Soi Phetkasem 77Bangkok 10160, Thailand

Tel: +66 92 681 0999

Operation Hour: Mon-Sun 17:00- 00:00

Toilet in The Rome Reataurant
The view from the second floor of the restaurant


*Review: Huahin is beautiful in a way that it has more scenery and tourist attractions for photo sessions. However, most of the locations are outdoor. Do remember to put on your sunscreen or bring an umbrella if possible. 🙂

Day 4: Return to Malaysia

After packing all the stuff and had our breakfast, we took Grab to the airport. Before went back to our lovely country, I go McDonald and After You to have some foods. As we know McDonald in Malaysia do not sell pork burger so I will not miss out the chance to have it.

These are the meals that do not offer in Malaysia’s McDonald THB380

Due to I got a big appetite and always keep my stomach for desserts. Therefore, I went to After You to try the other flavours of toast. The toast that I ordered is Mango sticky rice toast and of course my favourite drinks- Mayongchid.

All the things that I bought in Bangkok

Many people would think that going to travel is a waste of money but travelling can help us gain experience as well as knowledge about the country.

I will definitely visit Bangkok to continue eating the foods that I did not get to eat the previous time I was there.

Lastly, I hope the information that I posted could help you and that’s all for my travel blog. Keep following my blog so you will not miss out my updates. Enjoy, Bye ❤

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